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It's too darn hot!

Help support the ongoing awesomeness of WOW

- and the installation of air conditioners.

There are not many shows at WOW during the torrid months. However check back for those few brave who dare the summer temperatures, and for the fall lineup!

Please click here for video, a photo archive, and more on our capital campaign!

The Winter's Tale
Thurs-Sat, August 13-15 & 20-22, 8pm
Sun, August 16 & 23, 2015, 3pm
tickets $15

This summer, For Love & Duty Players is pleased to present William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, directed by Molly Margaret Johnson.

Set in the dystopian, nomadic world right in the heart of our country's freight hopping culture, this unique take on Shakespeare's romance follows the story of how one leader's jealous nature destroys all that he loves and the path of redemption one man must take to get it back. Can such a man be saved? Join us to find out in this Shakespearean fairy tale. Come witness the incredible power of fate, family, and forgiveness. All ages are welcome!

"It is required you do awake your faith" -Paulina, The Winter's Tale

More at Website: and at Facebook

An Intimate Evening with Patti LaBelle
Fri September 4, 2015
`Cocktail Hour' @ 7 - 9pm
Showtime @ 9pm Sharp!
tickets $15 (pay-at-the-door)

Starring: 2015 Ms. Northeast Royale Plus Winner

Lady Jasmin
Patti Labelle

Also featuring: Zarria Van Wales, Jennifer Love Williams, Jyquan Van Wales & Tyrone Van Wales.

*If you're a die-hard Patti fan this show is not to be missed! It's also Cece Suazo-Augustus Birthday Celebration after the performance!

Produced by: Jasmin Van Wales Productions, Cece Suazo-Augustus in conjunction with Wow Cafe Theater.

The Capital Campaign

In 2000, WOW launched its first large-scale fundraising effort, a capital campaign to help us buy and renovate our theater. The City of New York has sold the tenants of 59-61 East 4th Street the building for $1!

The caveat: That we raise the funds to renovate the building, and bring it up to code. WOW’s share of renovation costs is about $300,000. As we have survived solely on box-office sales for 25 years, this is more money than we’ve ever had or needed in the past.

When we do succeed in securing these funds, WOW will own its own permanent theater space in a completely renovated building.

One of the most exciting aspects, which we have achieved, is the addition of a functional 24/7 self-service elevator! Yet to come is an ADA approved accessible bathroom, and dare we say air-conditioning?!
We are not there yet! In order to make this possible, we need your financial help! No donation is too small or too large, and any amount will help us ensure that theatre by women and/or by transgender people continues to thrive and be ever-increasingly accessible.

Help WOW continue as an invaluable resource

Please click here for video, a photo archive, and more on our capital campaign!


WOW Cafe Theater is located at 59-61 East 4th Street
on the Fourth Floor.
between Bowery and 2nd Avenue in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City, NY, 10003, USA.

We now have a 24/7 available elevator for our building!

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