The Reality Show!


this is the last Reality Show for a while, folks. Please join us for a
birthday bash and hiatus hoopla
Cake, cowpokes, macaroons and spankings will be served!

Friday, April 9th, 2004, 11pm - 2ish? (unlike previous shows, you may arrive late)  

hosted by drag thing

at the
WOW Café Theater

59 East 4th St.,
Btwn Bowery & 2nd Ave.
4th Flr. (no elevator, alack)

All ages. Well if you're way young, maybe not!

reservations 212-777-4280
Admission $5, cheap like us!


This edition.... Happy Trails

"until we meet again..."



with buckaroo drag entertainment:

Eva Brontosaurus

Frat Man Dan

Beau Tye

Leigh Tex!

Sir Real About:

Friday April 23rd, Saturday April 24th
Carnal Carnival
Yes, I'm in it, talking about my days lapdancing at the Harmony Burlesque, and my tits. It's at WOW. Details forthcoming!

Saturday, May 1st
The Great Big International Drag King Show! in DC!
I'll be there with the New York Drag Squad, doing a way nifty group number. See !

May 22nd, 2004
57 Jat Street, Loft 1a, (f train to York St.)
5pm to 5am $5 before 9pm, $8 after
5pm to 11pm, Multimedia Showcase, 11pm to 12am open mic, 12am to 5am, After Party.
Smoking allowed (ugh!)
The VIM artist collective presents a performance marathon in lovely/starkly indusrtiral Dumbo Brooklyn. The New York Drag Squad is taking part!! More info when available as to when-ish we'll be performing.

Nice Questions? Constructive comments? Sincere and slutty mash notes? Are you an aspiring drag king, trans king, and/or femme queen, queen, or other gender/identity performer, who'd like to join our NYDS troupe, and/or would relish an all-

ages stage upon which to strut ? write on

Flyer for November 03
NYDS flyers by Julie Mack!

Hey folks, here's a note from Phranc E. Sin -
"If you're in NYC and would groove on joining a king troupe, [trans king, drag king, femme queen, or other, I'd venture to guess!] , we'd love to have you. If you have any questions, please contact us

[note, we now have a name - the New York Drag Squad!]

ahlatex - the smell of sex!
at Dumbaphoto by Macks Ledger


I'm a tad behind on the archiving thingie, but hey, scope the pics from the November 02 Reality Show!

"hey where's Butch?!!"

If you're looking for info on the Butch McCloud show, well, they've outgrown the confines of the humble little Reality Show and really do need to perform on on multiple nights to accomodate all their fans *snff*, I'm so proud! I have a warm uncle-y feeling about their success, while also resenting and envying just a tad. In any case info on where they'll be next can be found here!