Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love
Thurs - Sat, October 20 - 22, 2011
8:00pm, $10 - $20, advance tickets at

Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love is 3 evenings of multi-genre performance sharing the voices, stories, and experiences of the intersection between queerness and Islam.

Featuring a choreo-story by Terna Tilley-Gyado & Wazina Zondon, with collaborators from multiple perspectives & parts of the world, Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love celebrates the experiences of Queer Muslims & makes a visible public space for lives we love.

The Process:

In January of 2011, we - Terna and Wazina - co-facilitated a series of study groups (known as inquiry to action groups or ItAGs) through the New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE) on Islamophobia.
Our intention was to provide a found of understanding about Islam and the varied experiences and diversity in the interpretation and "doing" of Islam. In our journey, we met Laura Marie who asked us to collaborate on a project celebrating the lives and experiences of queer Muslims at the 7th Street Gallery at Middle Collegiate Church. All three of us felt strongly about a visual gallery to make public and express the diversity in the faces of queer Muslims. Coming Out Muslim would be about making visible our often invisible identities.
The response to Coming Out Muslim was beautiful and inspiring. We were left charged and knowing there was more to be said about our experiences... and here we are at WOW!

On Occupy Wall Street:

In February, our Interrupting Islamophobia inquiry to action group (ItAG) was held in the context of revolution and inspiration from our comrades in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon. Coming Out Muslim in June was held in the loving arms of queer activists in New York State fighting for marriage equality. Tonight we offer Coming Out Muslim: radical acts of love in solidarity as one small part of the revolution.
We say:
Occupy Wall Street until Afghanistan, Palestine, Philippines, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, the Sudans, the Bronx Libya, Haiti... the entire world is self-determined
Occupy masjids
Occupy your spirit
Occupy with love
Occupy with faith in comrades in struggle
Occupy knowing your truth cannot be challenged

**Also includes an online gallery, available on October 20, 2011

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